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Adler, Larry (Harmonica) Allen, Neil (organ) Astoria Orchestra
Aksel & Erik (Harmonika) Anderson a/h Concert Orchestra, Leroy Atwel, Winifred 
Alex & Richard ( Harmonikavirtuoserne) Anthony a/h Orchestra, Ray August, Jan (and his ensemble)
Alexander e/s Orchestre Asmussen Sextet, The Svend Avila, Orchestre Luiz
Bakos und sein Orchester, Barnabas Bjørneboe med ensemble, Einar Bostic and his Orchestra, Earl
Balta et son ensemble, Freddy Black Diamonds Band Boston Promenade Orchestra
Barnes, George (Guitar) Black a/h Orchestra, Stanley Bradley Ballroom Orch. , Josephine
Barrel-Organ Blank and Trio, Al Brain and his orchestra, Guy
Baxter a/h Orchestra, Lex  Bleyer a.h. Orchestra and Chorus, Archie British Light Orchestra
Bechet's Blue Note Jazz Men, Sidney Bloch and his Orchestra, Ray Brown, Teddy (Xylophone)
Bergh's Dansorkester, Olvind Boneschi e il suo Complesso, G.  Bultiauw et son Orchestre, Simone
Bijou Accordeon Orchestra Børge, Friis (Piano) Burton et son Ensemble Musette, Marceau
Cahan-Colombo Tango-Orchestra Carosone e/s Quartetto, Renato  Cornelius, Orkester Victor 
Calvert, Eddie  (trompet) Carrara et son Ensemble Musette, Émile Corti, Trio (Accordeon with Rhythmgroup)
Canaro, Orchestre Argentin Castilians, Los  Courtin et son Ensemble Musette, Jef
Campoli a/h Orchestra, Alfredo Chacksfield, Frank a/h Orchestra Craig and his Orchestra, Francis
Carbelli y su Orquesta Tipica, Adolfo Columbia Pictures' Orchestra, The Crawford, Jesse (organ)
Carl a/h Orchestra, Frankie  Continental Novelty Orchestra Crescent Trio (Hawaiian)
Carrara et son Ensemble Musette, Emile Cook, Lawrence (Piano Roll) Cugat and his Orchestra, Xavier
Darewski a/h Govent Garden Band, Herman Denayer, Oscar (Musette) Drury Lane Theatre Orchestra
Davidson a/h Orchestra, Harry  Dumont e/z orkest, Cedric 
Delfosse et son Ensemble Musette, Hector Dixon, Reginald (organ) Dunning, George (dirigent)
DéLices du Bal, Les  Down et son Orchestre, Vicky
Faith and his Orchestra, Percy Flanagan and his Orchestra, Ralph Franco E I  "G. 5
Ferera & Paaluhi (Hawaiian Guitar Duett)  Flindt & John Smith Andersen, John Friis med sineRytmikere, Børge
Ferera's Hawaiian Instrumental Quartet Fraine, Marc (organ) Fritz & Erik (accordeon)
Fiers Accordeonist, J. Froka and his Boys, Frankie
Gallo, Quartetto Enzo Goldstream Guards, Band of H.M.  Green and his Orchestra, Philip
Gallowglass Ceili Band Goodman Quartet, Benny Grenadier Guards, Band of H.M.
Garner, Erroll Goodwin a/h Orchestra, Ron  Griffin, Ken (organ)
Geraldo and his Accordeon band Groffe et son Orchestre, Marcel
Geraldo Tango-Orchester Groot and his Orchestra, De
Gibbons, Carroll (piano) Grand Massed Brass Band Grove Trio, The Harry
Hampton and Orchestra, Lionel Hélian et son Orchestre, Jacques Horlick and his Orchestra, Harry
Harris and his Orchestra, Jack Herman and his Orchestra, Woody Horner et son Ensemble Musette, Yvette
Hawaiian Trio Herth Trio, Milt Huard, junior, et son Ensemble, Albert
Hayman and his Orchestra, Richard Hilda et son Orchestre, Bernard Hunt and his Orchestra, Pee Wee
Heath and his Music, Ted Holmer a/h Orchestra, Leroy  Hylton and his Orchestra, Jack
Inglez a/h Orchestra, Roberto  International Novelty Quartet
James and his Orchestra, Harry Jenkins and his Orchestra, Gordon Jularbos Kvintett, Carl
Jenkins and The Tune Twisters, George
Karas, Anton (citer/orkestleider) Komischen Oper Paris, Orchester Kunz, Charlie (piano)
) Kostelanetz a/h Orchestra, Andre
Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band Leoni rt son Ha-Cha-Cha tziganes Lombart, Robert (xylophone)
Leach, Jimmy  Levy and his Orchestra, Louis London Palladium Orchestra, The
Ledrich et son ensemble Musette, Louis Light and his Orchestra, Enoch  Loss and his Orchestra, Joe
Lensen and his Orchestra, Jean  Liter and his Serenaders, Monia Lyttelton and his band, Humphrey
Mackersie, David (organ) May a/h Orchestra, Billy Monty Sunshine Quartet 
Mantovani a/h Orchestra Maytimers, The Mooney a/h Orchestra, Art 
Martin a/h Orchestra, Ray  Melachrino Orchestra, The  Moreton, Ivor & Dave Kasye (piano duo)
Martins Musetteorkester, Calle  Merrimans danseorkester, Sid Morgan and his Orchestra, Russ
Masses Brass Bands Millrt and his orchestra, Glenn Murad's Harmonicats, Jerry
Massed Military Bands Miller & his Orchestra and Chorus, Mitch Murena et son Ensemble, Tony
Minevitch a/h Harmonica Rascals, B.  Morenen orkester, Harald  
National Military Band, The New Light Symphony Orchestra Ninforge et son Accordeon Musette, Rene
Oliver a/h Orchestra, Sy  Orchestre Royal des Guides Belges Organ, The Danceband and Me, The
Orchestra Musette Orchestrion Club
Paramount Theatre Orchestra Philharmonica Trio, The Prima and his Orchestra, Louis
Paul, Les (Instrumental) Pianos a Bretelles, Les Pryor's Band, Arthur
Pedro et son Orchestra, Don Pierrot, Orchestre Jazz-Musette Prud'home et son Ensemble, Emile
Prado and his Orchestra, Perez
Queen's Hall Light Orchestra
Rawitz and Landauer (Piano duet) Rose a/h Orchestra, David 
Riddle a/h Orchestra, Nelson  Ros a/h Orchestra, Edmundo  Royal Air Force, The Band of H.M. 
Roma's Accordeonband
Sandler a/h Orchestra, Albert  Shearing Quintet, George Sowande and his Music
Savoy Havana Band Siegel, Arsene (Organ) Stapleton and his Orchestra, Cyril
Savoy Orpheans Silvester a/h Ballroom-Orchestra, Victor Staquet Musetteorkest, Willy
Savoy Tango Orchestra Simpson and his Sextet, Jack Stordahl a/h Orchestra, Axel
Scala and his Accordeon Band, Primo Smith, Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Strauss (III) and Orchestra, Johann 
Semprini (piano) Somers Band, Debroy Stewart, Ian (piano)
Serban a/h Romanian Orchestra, Gregor Sonn and his Orchestra, Larry Sunny Hawaiians, The
Terwagne, F. (accordeon) Thornhill a/h Orchestra, Claud Torch, Sidney (organ)/Orchestra
Thorburn, Billy   Tivolis Koncertsals Orkester Tower et sa grande formation, Eddie
Ungarisches Zigeunerknaben Orch. Universal-International Orchestra, The
Vacher e/z orkest, Emile  Vigouroux, Trio J.
Vaissade et son Ensemble, Jean Vaysse, Orchestre Musette Roger
Waismann et son Orchestre Balalaika, M.G. Westminster Military Band, The Williams a/h Conc. Orchestra, Charles 
Weems and his Orchestra, Ted Weston and his Orchestra, Paul Wingates Temperance Prize Band
Welk and his Champagne Music, Lawrence Westway Studio Orchestra, The Wyper, Peter & Daniel (accordeon)
Yorke and his Concert Orchestra, Peter Young and his Youngsters, Arthur


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